“They that worship Him must Worship In Spirit and in truth..John 4:24”..

Welcome to Danzarle Worship Dance Studios, my name is Jenny De Peña, a 32-year old wife to Manfred de Peña, and a mother of a five-year old boy, Christian de Peña. We are thrilled that you are here..
Dancing has been my greatest passion since I can recall. I have always been involved in dance performances since the age of 9 years old. I took ballet dance classes as an adolescent where I learned the great discipline this style of dance requires. I also took dance classes in High school and in college. I was part of my High School’s band drill team for 2 years and also joined the Theater dance group that performed at yearly theater productions. I led a small group of Latin dancers that performed at yearly International festivals, concerts and live shows. Throughout the years I have explored many different genres and styles of dance and have learned to use the arts as a way to minister the Lord’s presence.
At the age of 21 years old the Lord saved me and thereafter I have been dancing and ministering His presence. In 2015 God put me in the leadership role of the dance ministry of my church and at that very moment I knew I had to seek His heavenly design for my Church’s dance ministry. throughout my search I have been blessed by many different Worship ministries such as Dancing For Him Ministries, Academia Kairos Internacional, Academia de Danza y Artes Creativas and others. I have learned true worship and praise and seek His face to receive the heavenly designs for Danzarale Worship Dance Studios.

Our mission is to expand His Kingdom by equipping and training dance ministers to worship in Spirit and in truth. We have been called and set apart to teach a generation how to worship through dance.

It is imperative that worshippers know what The Bible says about dancing, therefore our vision is to use the word of God as our main guide in teaching worship. We will start every class looking at what the Bible says about worship and dance. God deserves our excellent work which is why basic dancing techniques will be implemented in every style and genre, to ensure we are giving Him what He deserves.

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